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Electrolysis systems

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  • CHLORINSITU® II 60g...


    CHLORINSITU® II 60g Electrolysis System | Prominent

    Open cell technology

  • Prominent Chemical Tank 60ltr


    Prominent Chemical Tank 60ltr

    Anyone who works with chemicals needs to store them safely. ProMinent dosing tanks are tough. Prominent metering tanks are ideal for the safe storage and metering of chemicals and are designed to work with Prominent’s Gamma /x, Beta and Alpha range of metering pumps. 

    Your benefits

    Environmentally-friendly storage of liquid chemicals

    Robust and durable: made of sturdy UV-stabilised PE (polyethylene)

    Scale for litres and US gallons

    Simple to install: sintered threaded sockets for fixing ProMinent metering pumps on to storage tanks

    Safe storage: If the contents are not needed, a screw-on lid keeps them tightly secure (push-on lid for 35-litre storage tank)

    Flat sides to secure the storage tank