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The heart of every water treatment is the filter container. The following principle applies here: The better the physical filtration through the filter system, the less chemical disinfectants are used. Our offered sand filter systems are designed to precipitate a high level of contamination. Together with the use of frequency-controlled pumps and automatic backwash valves, you can achieve a maximum of brilliant and crystal clear water. Furthermore, the consumption of energy and chemicals can be drastically reduced.

The filter container:

The higher the physical filter layer, the better the filtration result. It is not without reason that minimum dimensions for the filter material fill heights are defined for public swimming pools (DIN 19643). In the private swimming pool area, there is less pollution of the bathing water, so that no fixed dimensions are prescribed here. Nevertheless, it is also important to achieve a sufficiently high level of filtration with the aid of the container in order to keep the use of chemical disinfectants as low as possible.

Berlin filter

German producer BEHNCKE has developed the BERLIN² filter series for the best filtration results. The tanks are characterized by a significantly higher layer of filter material with optimized and even flow in the tank in order to achieve the best water treatment by means of physical filtration.

Filter material and flocculation:

The best filter and the right pump are of little help in filtration if the wrong filter material and its grain size have been selected. Sand has been used for filtration for many years. This has an optimal filtration performance at the beginning, but this decreases sharply over time. The sand "caked" due to the contamination and the biofilm in the container, which disrupts the even flow through the filter container. At this point at the latest, the sand should be replaced, the container cleaned and refilled. BEHNCKE recommends the modern glass filter material AFM®. The material is treated with a special process, so that "caking" and the formation of a biofilm on the material is almost impossible. This means that the filter material can be used significantly longer with almost the same filtration performance and the customer saves money and work. For optimal filling of our containers, please note our AFM® container fillings.

If the flocculant APF® is added to the water by means of a Floc-Dos pump, the smallest particles in the water combine to form larger flocs and can be filtered out. For this you only need a ZPM (Zeta-Potential-Mixer) and the Floc-Dos-Pump and you will achieve a maximum of cheap and crystal clear water. Even in the evening spotlight, you won't find any particles in the pool.

Backwash valve:

During backwashing, the direction of flow of the water in the tank is reversed and the water is directed into the channel. This will remove the accumulated dirt from the system. A backwash valve is required to change the direction of flow in the container. A filter container should be backwashed regularly (preferably weekly). This should be done between 2 and 5 minutes, depending on how dirty the container is. 

BEHNCKE recommends using an automatic BESGO rod valve for backwashing  . In combination with a swimming pool control, backwashing is carried out automatically on a regular basis and the customer does not have to worry about anything. The rod valve also has a safety device so that in the event of a power failure it returns to the normal filtration position and the pool cannot leak into the channel. The BESGO rod valve thus combines comfort and safety and is, in our opinion, the ideal product for our customers.