Regular pool water testing is essential.

In this case, you are not specifying important water parameters and the yield of pool chemicals, but are measuring them.

Proper dosing of chemicals according to the manufacturer's instructions is especially important: if the dose is too low, you will not get the desired effect; if the dose is too high - you will damage the pool equipment, PVC coating, you can cause allergic reactions, skin rashes, red eyes and significantly and pointlessly increase the cost of operating the pool.

Test kits, testers, tablets, drops, strips

Test sets are available in the form of tablets, drops, and strips with electronic analyzers, also called photometric testers.

Test kits for chlorine-disinfected pools and chlorine-free disinfected pools are also available, depending on the method of water disinfection.

Testing of private pools is recommended at least once a week, and of public pools daily.

If in doubt about how to choose a tester and / or test pool water correctly - consult a specialist. This will avoid fundamental mistakes and save you money and time.