Swimming Pool Chemicals

Swimming Pool Chemicals


HydroPool LT Store offer a varied range of swimming pool chemicals and spa chemicals all competitively priced. Browse our online pool store for a range of chemicals and spa chemicals supplies in the Lithuania. Including stabilised chlorine granules and tablets, pool chlorine, shock chlorine granules, bromine tablets, pH increase, pH decrease, water test kits, aqua sparkle, chlorine shock treatments, other pool chemicals and many more.

If you require any advice regarding your pool water treatment please contact us and we will point you in the right direction, ensuring your swimming pool chemicals are keeping your swimming pool water healthy and clean all year round. HydroPool LT Store have a range of water testing kits and PH balance chemicals including lovibond Photometer meters, electronic pool testing equipment, comparator systems.

At HydroPool LT Store, not only do we supply the well known range of Premium 5 stabilised chlorine granules, Premium 5 chlorine tablets and special and seasonal treatments, but also SUPERFAST! the strongest, fastest dissolving un-stabilised granular chlorine around, which can be used as a regular sanitiser or shock treatment to keep your swimming pool safe and crystal clear without extreme increases in pH.

If you require any advice regarding the use of these our pool chemicals please contact us in the first instance.

HydroPool LT BOAST System and pool chemicals

What does boast stand for:

B - Balance your pool water for bather comfort and maximum chemical efficiency

O - Oxidise to establish a sanitiser level then weekly to destroy waste compounds

A - Algae prevention, stop algae establishing themselves in your pool water

S - Sanitise maintain a constant sanitiser level to prevent and kill bacteria

T - Test your water frequently, you really don't know what the levels are without testing

HydroPool LT Store bulk buy range of pool chlorine and pool chemicals

HydroPool LT Store offer a range of pool chemicals that can be purchased in bulk, saving money while keeping your pool water in perfect condition, please browse our range of bulk buy pool chemicals and pool chlorine at HydroPool LT Store.

Water Testing

Pool water testing is a very important aspect to ensuring your spa pool or swimming pool water is clean and healthy and your bathing experience is one to remember. As such our range of Spa pool water testing kits and swimming pool water testing kits should cover all of your requirements, browse through our online catalogue of spa pool water testing kits and swimming pool water testing kits.

Non Chlorine Spa Pool Chemicals And Swimming Pool Chemicals

HydroPool LT Store stock an excellent range of the more popular chlorine free pool chemicals that are renowned for their performance.

Chlorine Free Chemicals are  friendly water care solution for Hot Tubs without the harsh effects of chemicals.

HydroPool LT Store stock the following chlorine free pool chemicals, systems.

Aquablanc Liquid - non chlorine sanitiser system

Aquablanc - active oxygen tablets

Chemoform - swimming pool chemicals

Chemoform - chlorine free swimming pool chemicals Ultra violet & Ionic disinfection

The HydroPool LT Store Team