Ozone Blue Lagoon Compact Ozone & UV-C 75 W | 70 m³


Ozone Blue Lagoon Compact Ozone & UV-C 75 W | 70 m³

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Ozone Blue Lagoon Compact Ozone & UV-C 75 W | 70 m³

This revolutionary combination of ozone and UVC makes it possible to obtain a pool with little chlorine!

With this Blue Lagoon Ozone UVC unit, you keep your pool water fresh, clear and above all hygienic.

This appliance can reduce the concentration of chlorine by 50 to 80%!

You connect the Blue Lagoon Ozone UVC to the pool system: water is introduced into the unit through the reactor through the pump. Due to the pressure of the water in the reactor, the venturi sucks air.

The air is sucked into the unit through the space between the quartz glass and the ozone UVC lamp.

As air enters the unit around the lamp, this air is charged with ozone particles generated by the special UVC ozone lamp.

The lamp generates 0.6 grams of ozone. The ozone-laden air is then mixed with water in the reactor downstream of the valve.

Oxidation and sterilization are carried out and a considerable disinfection process is in operation.

Then, in the stainless steel housing, the water mixed with the ozone is exposed to UVC radiation. The lamp has a dual function and simultaneously generates ozone and UVC.

Residual ozone in water is directly destroyed by UV-C radiation.

This is possible because ozone is mixed with water during its second pass in the vicinity of the lamp.


An electronic ballast ensures a uniform power supply.

A UVC yield up to 35% higher thanks to the internal wall of the reactor.

100% effective operation in continuous operation.

Body in stainless steel 316 L.

The Ozone UVC lamp has a lifetime of 4000 hours.

Digital indication of lamp replacement.

Domestic pools

The water in domestic swimming pools often stays in the pool for long periods of time. Pool water can get infected with harmful micro-organisms as bacteria, viruses and algae by everything that enters the water. Heating up the water accelerates this process even more. People, animals and debris from around the pool make it crucial to have a good disinfectant.

Safe water treatment

Most domestic pools use chemical disinfectants like chlorine to kill the micro-organisms that are a risk for the health of the swimmer. The use of these chemicals make sure that most micro-organisms are killed. Unfortunately, they are also the cause of the most issues for bathers (eye-, skin irritation, breathing difficulties) and have a big negative effect on the materials the pool is build with.

Exposing the water to UltraViolet (UV-C) light is the most effective sanitizing method to destroy micro-organisms in domestic pools up to 99.9%. Therefore, a UV pool system is able to reduce the amount of concentrated chlorine by 50-80%. So it’s not only good for the people who use the pool, it also brings down the maintenance (time & costs) while materials are affected a lot less.


UV-C technology is a safe and sustainable way to treat pool water. By using UV light to disinfect your water it is safe to use because there are no disinfection by products, in contrast to a lot of chemical disinfectants. Another plus is that it isn't possible to overdose UV-C light.


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