UV System Dulcodes LP 80


UV System Dulcodes LP 80W

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UV System Dulcodes LP 80W

The unique UV systems Dulcodes LP are synonymous with pioneering water treatment – efficient and free of chemicals.

Product description

A world first: precise lamp dimming in seconds – even with varying flows and water temperatures.

Our patented Vario-Flux high-output lamps with dynamic lamp heating are used in the Dulcodes LP. Thanks to the unique combination of electronic ballast technology and the Vario-Flux lamps, they can be quickly and precisely dimmed over a broad power range of up to 50% of the nominal electrical power. This ensures automatic adjustment to varying flows and water temperatures at all times.

Efficiency even increases in dimmed mode, which has a particularly positive effect when the actual flow is below the maximum possible flow of the system.

The flow in the Dulcodes LP has been optimised in a reactor based on intensive computer simulation. At the same time the pressure loss is kept minimal. The resulting uniform radiation dose without over- or under-metering of a partial volumetric flow leads to minimal use of energy, a minimum number of lamps and significantly reduced life cycle costs.

Your benefits

UV system Dulcodes LP for a broad field of application for efficient, safe and chemical-free water disinfection

Unique dynamic lamp heating adjusts the lamp output in seconds and provides for optimum disinfection even with rapidly varying flows and water temperatures

Homogeneous UV dose, thanks to optimised flow behaviour in the reactor, guarantees maximum flow output with a minimum number of lamps and minimum pressure loss

Reduced life cycle costs due to the long service life of Vario-Flux high-output lamps with low energy consumption and high UV output

Excellent flexibility, thanks to vertical or horizontal installation and free choice of the flange position

Location-independent system monitoring in real time via the DULCOnneX Platform: Improved process reliability. Reliability and transparency due to real-time monitoring, individual alarms and automated reports.

Field of application

  • Potable water treatment
  • Food and beverage production
  • Swimming pool water

Technical Details

High-grade stainless steel 1.4404/AISI316L reactor hydraulically optimised by means of computer simulation
High-output amalgam lamp "Vario-Flux" with dynamic lamp heating.
Guaranteed lamp service life of 14,000 operating hours (pro rata)
Electronic ballasts for the gentle ignition, operation and individual monitoring and control of the lamps
Long-term stable UVC sensor for continuous monitoring of the system
Efficient and chemical-free cleaning of the cover tubes with manual or automatic wiper system, optionally available for selected system sizes
Continuous monitoring of the reactor temperature by temperature sensor Pt 1000
Single lamp system: equipped with either a Compact controller or Comfort controller
Various options for simple integration of the system in higher-level control systems thanks to many analogue and digital interfaces and connectors
Data logger: all relevant operating data and ell events are saved on the SD card and can simply and conveniently be visualised with an analysis programme
Web server module enables simple remote monitoring and remote control of the system by means of web-based access via LAN/Wi-Fi interface. The current system status can be displayed at any time on a terminal unit

Technical Data

TypeMax. flowLamp powerConnected loadReactor lengthMinimum clearance for serviceØConnection nominal diameter
m3/hWWmmmmmmDIN / ANSI
Dulcodes 1x80LP 8.8* 81 110 872 973 140 RP 2" / RP 2"
Dulcodes 1x230LP 35* 260 310 1,151 1,064 140 DN 80 / 3"
Dulcodes 1x350LP 53* 370 430 1,640 1,465 168 DN 100 / 4"
Dulcodes 2x350LP 123* 2x370 835 1,640 1,465 256 DN 150 / 6"
Dulcodes 3x230LP 155* 3x260 825 1,185 1,156 324 DN 150 / 6"
Dulcodes 3x350LP 232* 3x370 1,240 1,885 1,565 324 DN 200 / 8"
Dulcodes 4x350LP 317* 4x370 1,645 1,885 1,565 356 DN 200 / 8"
Dulcodes 6x350LP 523* 6x370 2,455 1,885 1,565 406 DN 250 / 10"

** 98 %/cm transmission; 400 J/m2 irradiation intensity, calculated according to PSS.

Lamp type Low-pressure lamp Vario Flux
Controller type Comfort controller, optionally compact controller
Permissible operating pressure 10 bar or 16 bar
Permissible ambient temperature 5–40°C with comfort control, 5–35°C with compact control
Permissible water temperature 2 – 70 °C
Enclosure rating IP 66

Data sheet

Pool equipment
UV-C sterilizators
Prominent Gmbh

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