W.I.S. smart analyser

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W.I.S. smart analyser | Wellis

Complete water analysis

The WELLIS W.I.S. smart water analyser performs a complete analysis of the water from your spa, including its quality, temperature, and conductivity. This device is very easy to use. At the start of the season, the W.I.S. analyser should be placed in the water in the spa and then you can track the analysis results via the mobile application. The W.I.S. analyser is compatible with all spa types.

Key features of the WELLIS W.I.S. smart water analyser:

Smart water analyser for your spa

Three removable sensors

Personalised recommendations and tips

Compatible with all spa types

WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity

Durable design with IP68 rating

WiFi + Bluetooth wireless interface

Free W.I.S. mobile app (iOS, Android)

Charging via micro USB cable

3 smart sensors

The WELLIS W.I.S. analyser is equipped with 3 removable smart sensors that analyse pH, water temperature, disinfection capacity, alkalinity and water conductivity. With wireless WiFi support, the results can be tracked via the mobile app 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world.

Rugged and durable design

With a smart water analyser, you'll avoid unpleasant surprises like cloudy water, skin irritation, or incorrect dosing of chemicals. Thanks to its durable IP68-rated design, the W.I.S. analyser is able to constantly float in the spa and is not a distraction while using the spa. The device will operate on a single charge all season long.

Control the water quality in your spa anywhere, anytime

In addition to displaying the measured values in a clear, unambiguous way, the W.I.S. mobile application provides personalised recommendations for spa maintenance and the use of chemicals for accurate scheduling of dosing. You can also track and manage multiple supplies simultaneously to increase efficiency.


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