Byofix 4X-PS Beneficial Bacteria for Ponds and Lakes LIQUID 1ltr.

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Byofix Beneficial bacteria for ponds and lakes 


Features and benefits

  • Neutralises rotting vegetation settled at the bottom of the pond 
  • Reduces BOD & COD; maintaining a good level of dissolved oxygen. 
  • Improves water quality & clarity 
  • 100% safe for fish and aquatic life 
  • Reduces the toxicity caused by naturally occurring chemical compounds
  • Cost-effective and easy to apply 
  • Eco-friendly contains no chemicals.



Good bacteria, non-toxic, safe and easy to apply

The Rhodococcus and Rhodobacter bacteria in ByoFix 4X-PS is supplied in liquid form. It’s primarily used in ponds with high organic loads or sludge at the bottom. The probiotic species present consumes the organic matter for proliferation and growth thereby reducing the load.

Other advantages of ByoFix 4X-PS are:

Works in a wide range of salinity and turbidity

Effectively removes sludge within 3-4 days

Highly concentrated

Does not require fermenting before usage

Widely used in aquaculture and breeding ponds

ByoFix 4X-PS improves the water quality by controlling pH, reducing ammonia and nitrite levels within 2-3 days whilst eliminating suspended organic matter in the pond water. If there are bubbles in the water, they will disappear also. Once the waste organic matter or sludge depletes from the pond or lake the blue green algae cannot survive due to a lack of food.

Dosage: From 1Kg to 5Kgs per acre, depending on the levels of organic matter

Re-application: When organic matter builds up

Byofix 4X-PS is supplied in 1ltr. bottle


Initial dosage

From 1Kg to 5Kgs per acre, depending on the levels of organic matter

Maintenance dosage

Re-application: When organic matter builds up

How good bacteria works for better water quality

Byofix, given reasonable conditions, replicates every few minutes. A typical species of bacteria can take 20 minutes to replicate, 1 cell will divide and become two new cells, 20 minutes later those two cells can divide to become 4 cells and after 60 minutes you will have 8 cells. As the time progresses, between 6 and 7 hours, the number passes the million mark, and after 12 hours there are nearly 70 billion cells.

Consider that Byofix will deliver millions of bacteria to the application at the start, the numbers are even bigger!

By replicating so quickly, the bacteria spreads and starts to break down the excessive organic matter and nutrients and the water quality begins to improve, notably the water will become clearer and any odours from gases given off will reduce.





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