List of products by brand Peraqua Professional Water Products GmbH

In the year 2005 Peraqua Professional Water Products GmbH was founded as wholesaler and producer of SMART swimming pool technology products.

Within the well known PRAHER GROUP Peraqua has been concentrating since 2005 on marketing and sales of products made by PRAHER PLASTICS - ABS & PVC swimming pool valves, pipes, fittings and ABS white goods- with an experience of more than 45 years.

Under the brand names OCEAN® / PRAHER PLASTICS® / IBG® these product lines are successfully exported to more than 65 countries.

The private brand „SMART“ is a completion of the product assortment with strategically important products for a "SMART POOL CONCEPT". In many product segments, today Peraqua is technological market leader in the pool industry and one of the largest supplier worldwide for manual and automatic 6 way valves. Besides many standardized products, Peraqua also offers a wide range of personalized products for the wholesalers as well as system solutions for fully automatic "SMART" pool control concepts.